wednesday nuggets

Ridic video bound to make you show those fab pearly whites, via elle mag.

Ready to drool?

A Cozy Kitchen is a blog I visit daily. It has become part of my morning routine, in fact. Not only are the recipes over the top amazing, but the creator/chef/writer Adrianna is hilarious and too fab for words. Check out this insanely delish, gorgeous, fluffy goodness here [strawberries and cream scones. omg].

This is the most magical ultra fast top coat ever. I have been on a search for the perfect quick dry topcoat for at least the past six months. I have bought many brands and varieties, most recently Essie’s ‘good to go’, and they have all failed with color chipping off as early as the next day or even a few hours after application. Boo. While at bluemercury a couple weeks ago, I noticed Deborah Lippman was their exclusive nail polish brand – there had to be something to this … so, I bought. I love. It’s genius.

It’s an investment at $20, but I won’t have to search for another topcoat again. I’m always painting my nails in a hurry and this has been 100% amazing every time. It’s called Deborah Lippmann ‘Addicted To Speed’ Ultra Quick Dry Topcoat – buy here [free shipping]. [Tip: Don’t be impatient like me and do wait the suggested full two minutes after color to apply this. It works perfectly when used as directed. xo]

Have a scrumptious day. ♥c

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  1. I use the Essie top coat and so far it hasn’t disappointment me. Oh well. I’ll have to try this as well!

  2. I use “Out the Door” by INM ($4.95 at but it may not be Ultra-quick like Deborah Lippman’s version; may only be quick. :-D I’m like you… Ultra-quick is definitely better! BTW, love the retro pink Princess phones in the video you posted.

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