chile mango love

Give me spicy + sweet together any day and I will be in heaven. I have been on a jalapeño tequila + mango margarita kick lately and I think I have just discovered the dessert equivalent of this cocktail. When I was walking in Trader Joe’s this weekend and saw the words “chile” and “mango” printed on the same box in the dessert section, I nearly had a heart attack of joy. These babies are no joke when it comes to heat. They are made with chili pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika. Impressive. And the mango component is real mango, not just a flavoring, so you even get a few bits of luscious mango flesh when eating this treat. Pure bliss. They are called Chile Mango Fruit Floes and they are truly scrumptious. What are your thoughts on spicy + sweet together? Have a spicy day. ♥c

The darker orange at the top is a concentration of spices in the mango mix. Yum.

A break from the mango norm: a spicy cucumber marg over the weekend that wasn’t quite spicy enough the first go around [but still tasty], so our waiter convinced the bartender to muddle in some red chiles. Mouth was literally on fire, but it was seriously amazing.

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