don’t trust the b

[4.15.12 update] I watched the first two episodes on ABC’s site this weekend and I love it. Here’s why.

7 reasons Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 is awesome:

1) Smart, dry and witty dialogue for the lead female character – Chloe, played by Krysten Ritter. Intelligent, funny female characters are rare and this is such a refreshing and welcome change for prime time television. One of the last characters that delivered this much deadpan wit and humor was Amanda Tanen [Becki Newton] on Ugly Betty.
2) No laugh track. It’s a huge turnoff when producers feel the need to dictate what is supposed to be funny with a cheesy laugh track. It deters from any show and immediately makes the dialogue feel subpar. Without the distraction of a laugh track, the real humor shines.
3) James Van Der Beek as James Van Der Beek. He spends nearly every moment of his time trying to escape his role as Dawson in Dawson’s Creek and prove himself as a serious actor, yet secretly relishes every moment a fan calls out “Dawson” on the street. His bravado is hilarious and he plays Chloe’s B.F.F.
4) June. You’ll fall in love with the sweet as a cupcake roomie played by Dreama Walker. Her “straight-man” role is a perfect contrast to the manipulative Chloe.
5) Twisted story lineswithin reason for prime time TV. Just watch.
6) Randomness. I love random details. [Chloe: You have to leave room for new experiences. Have you ever eaten blowfish out of a Japanese man’s mouth?] One of the characters [Eli] exists solely and creepily in the alley gawking in the window of Apartment 23 and joining in on daily chats.
7) Room for thematic growth. The subject of serial roommate abuse is, thankfully, just a back story. The characters are set up now, but the show can go in any direction. It’s not locked into a strict, tiny box [think: Two Broke Girls].

Dear TV Gods: I’m praying for this one. I love that a lead female character is funny, confident and witty without the stereotypically daunting emotional, dramatic, or doormat female characteristics so often shown on TV. There is also Whitney and I love its sassy female characters, but I want more of this. I’m horrifically disappointed in Are You There, Chelsea, of which I watched 15 minutes and could not take another second. All of Chelsea Handler’s sharp wit and self-deprecating humor, which fueled this title with so much rich potential, was destroyed with a laugh track and flat, lifeless writing.

I have a history of falling for well-written, hilarious, smart shows and then having said shows pulled from the air after only half a season. See: Perfect Couples, canceled only after a very short season. I could not have loved a character more than Olivia Munn as the devious and fabulous Leigh. Bless IMDB for having full episodes [at time of this post], as I went through a stage for several months refusing to delete any episodes from the DVR after hearing a rumor of cancellation.

For now, I’ll enjoy this show with all of its random goodness, knowing it will also provide a stepping stone for more great writing and more new, witty, fabulous series to come. xo

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[original post:]

I am all for light television entertainment, especially when it is centered around a manipulative, sassy NY girl. I have high hopes for this snarky piece of work that resonates with the dreams we have probably all had of torturing our most horrific roommates.

The show also stars James Van Der Beek as an über cocky version of himself. Check out this faux ad for Beek Jeans:

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 premieres tomorrow night, but you can get an early sneak peak today with the first two full episodes on ABC’s site. Here are a couple more video treats for you. Enjoy. ♥c

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