a thing for sticky notes

[yo shimada: post-it structures]

I have a thing for sticky notes. I keep them in my car for genius idea moments – they are perfect to stick on the steering wheel for a quick stoplight note. I use them at work for top priority items that are best displayed on a hot pink background. I love having them on the fridge for quick mini grocery lists. I’m also now inspired to build a sticky note structure after viewing photos of this installation. Below are a few fun sticky note pads and cubes. Enjoy + have great day. ♥c

[Eye Wear: Sticky Notes]

[Clairebella personalized note cube]

[Fruit sticky notes]

[Eucalyptus Writer’s Block by Elum]

[Origami Sticky Notes]

[all photos sourced from links listed below each item]

7 thoughts on “a thing for sticky notes

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  1. Loves. I’m so OBSESSED with sticky notes. My life would seriously fall apart without them. They can be found all over my house in a variety of colors, sizes and prints. That structure at the beginning of the post is awesome and I may need to come up with some note art of my own. Thanks for the smile.

  2. I cant function without them. I’m sending you a pic of my ‘work space’ as it looks right this second before I go to bed….to your email :) I ran out of cute ones so right now I have simple purple and hot pink ones. :) The eyewear ones suit me perfect with my sunglasses obsession. I have 6 pairs all by the sticky notes too ha ha

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