a sweet lil’ slice of gcb

I have been flying under the radar the past few weeks, having been swallowed whole by the Devil’s Triangle that is my March project at work. The final product will be fab and I am so excited to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. My sweet new discovery that has given me such a yummy guilty pleasure escape during this busy time is the new series GCB on ABC.

When I saw all the glittering promos for this show a few months ago, I vowed not to “take on any new shows”. I had so many queued up on the DVR already. But, when I was home the other night, the gold and diamond logo popped up in my head and I just had to see it. I needed a little more girly goodness on my entertainment platter. I searched around and discovered that I could download OnDemand versions of the two first episodes I missed. Was so excited.

I watched them both immediately and have since seen the two newest juicy episodes. In love. This show is pure magic. It has the power to make me want to wear gold kitten heels, don my grandest set of oversized pearls, sashay around in a ball gown, open a bottle of pink bubbly at ten in the morning, and sport glossy Barbie pink nails [which, I later did, by the way]. It’s fun, scandalous, over the top, and – most importantly – does not take itself too seriously. It’s the sassy diva bitch on wheels that will hook you. I am loving watching the secrets unfold and the southern claws come out. Meow. Break out your jewels and check it out. It’s the fluffy treat your life needs.

At the time of this post, ABC has the first four full episodes available to watch here if you are just dying to get some!

Have a deliciously scandalous day!

[photos: group promo shot from undertheradarmag.com; GCB cowgirl hat from abc.go.com]

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