minneola love + avocado berry parfait

Happy Monday, lovelies! Hope your weekend was divine. I want tell you about the current love of my life, the minneola [minneola tangelo]. They have the sweetness and brightness of an adorable little clementine and light tartness of a tangerine, but they are larger and juicier. You should get to know the minneola if you are not already familiar. It will make your day.

And why not take your new minneola and whip yourself up a parfait?

avocado berry parfait:
minneola segments, pith and membrane removed [a lovely technique found here]
avocado, cubed
lime segments
fresh mint, chopped for garnish

Layer the avocado, then berries, then minneola segments in a pretty glass or bowl. Top with chopped mint. Squeeze lime juice all over the concoction and enjoy! If you are feeling extra sassy, sprinkle on some chile pequin powder just before squeezing the lime juice – an over-the-top amazing trick I learned at Oyamel in Penn Quarter.

Have a delish day.

2 thoughts on “minneola love + avocado berry parfait

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  1. Looks lovely and summery. Beautiful photos!! Nice citrus segmenting technique, too… I usually just leave the interior membranes in there, but this looks much nicer.

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