weekend treats

This warm, cozy interior with a day bed and loads of natural sunlight is my dream right now.

I’m dying to try this spicy-cool blood orange jalapeño margarita from the Kitchn …

… and this pomegranate cucumber guacamole from A Cozy Kitchen.

Häagen-Dazs mango sorbet is my fave sweet weekend treat.

Craving this bright red glitter polish, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? by Deborah Lippman.

And so excited for a little DVR catch up of the last couple eps of my scandal-fueled guilty pleasure Revenge.

I hope your weekend is extra tasty.

3 thoughts on “weekend treats

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  1. Channing! I love your blog. It’s super fun. Your food photography is awesome. A blood orange jalepeño marg, some guac, and a Revenge marathon sound reeeally good right now. With mango sorbet for desert, in a sexy light-filled room with awesome fireplace, of course. (I’ll skip the nail polish for now, though with enough of those margaritas, you never know…)

    Heard about your engagement—Congrats!! Hope you’re doing super awesome!!

  2. I’m all about that guac! We’ve got a place across from the office called Fonda Nolita. I like theirs, but THIS guac in THIS picture is muscling in….

  3. Do the blood orange HOT margarita! Just had exactly that down by the seaport recently. A word of advice…keep some water and bread handy. ;-)

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