finding that perfect thing, in every shade

Everyone has that thing [or many] for which they are constantly on the hunt. One of these things for me is nail polish, especially cream colored opaque nail polish. Every time I go into a drug store or am online shopping, I’m always looking for a new color or brand. If I can’t find a cream polish I love, I’ll buy another shade – light or dark. I’ll even buy a shade I already own, but a different brand, or perhaps off in color by just a touch. It’s a cheap thrill. I have many polishes I’ve barely touched, but the beauty of the color and thrill of the purchase makes it worth it. What is your *thing*? Mags, accessories, sunglasses, chocolate, etc. What do you always snatch up when you see it?

[ten of my favorite light polishes in shades of cream, white and opaque pastels]


4 thoughts on “finding that perfect thing, in every shade

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  1. always searching for the *perfect* nude lipstick, gloss, or balm. I must have 30 different brands of the same color and I always think theres something better I havent found. and I know that there is! I’m going to find it!
    oh, and men. If only I could combine the best part of each of them…

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