sunshine salad + berry citrus dressing

This salad is pure sunshine and gives me a total energy boost, especially during the final stretch of winter. A combination of the full rainbow of fruits + veggies also provides a ridiculous amount of fab nutritional goodies for the bod. For protein, I added chopped chicken breast. I’ve just discovered that Trader Joe’s sells cooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts and I couldn’t be happier because I do not love handling raw chicken. They are about the same price as buying them raw, so just another reason to adore TJs.

I made five salads on Sunday for each day of the week so I can just grab one in the morning and run out the door. The goods from left to right [above] all on a bed of romaine: red peppers, red tomatoes, orange peppers, minneolas, orange tomatoes, kale [flash cooked on high heat in a skillet with garlic powder and dash of salt], cucumbers, blueberries, and blackberries.

Fruit on salads is not only delish but also provides a sort of natural salad dressing from the juice and sweetness. Orange segments are my favorite “salad dressing” fruit – sweet and juicy – and I adore blackberries and a squeeze of lime juice as well. So, I made a little extra salad dressing with these ingredients for an added burst of tart + sweet flavor.

I literally just smashed the berries + orange segments [pith removed] with a fork and then squeezed the lime juice into the mixture, then added a splash of orange juice. You can also add olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, fresh or dried herbs, black pepper, cayenne, or anything you like to spice it up even more. Have fun with it and enjoy it even more knowing it’s totally fresh and your own fab creation.

Tomorrow, you are in for an extra sweet treat and I am seriously excited. One of my fave bakers extraordinaire will be guest blogging tomorrow! Get ready for some über yummy goodness.

Have a fab day!

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