the v.i.b. treatment

From time to time, Sephora sends out a V.I.B. gift email that makes my heart flutter. Last week’s was definitely one of them. Subject: V.I.B. gift from NARS. Details: a complimentary trio of NARS minis: Bronzing Powder in Laguna, Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base + Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana. I love a little bronzey, dewy glow, hint-of-summery goodness in February. Yum.

On top of this, my “beauty bank” balance was over 500, so I also chose the Beauty With Benefits Set gift – a scrumptious variety of mini treats. For my actual purchase, I chose the Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette that I’ve been lusting after for months. I love being rewarded for shopping. Thank you Sephora, you sassy minx. Here is the full box-opening slideshow experience for you. Enjoy and happy Fat Tuesday! xo

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  1. Wow, that was fun! Almost like I just opened my very own VIB package. Too bad I don’t have enough points yet for VIB but I did get to sign up for Birchbox. Can’t wait for the first one to show up. :-)

  2. oh thank you, channer. You just fulfilled my near-daily dirty need to open packages for the day.
    Nars Casino is my absolute fave summer bronzer when I have a tan. and I’m pretty sure I have tried EVERY bronzer that sephora sells. (Smashbox ‘halo’ bronzer is my fave when I’m not so tan) I’ll have to check out Laguna now. Just one more thing to buy…

    1. HA!! so glad i could provide that service! :) love hearing about all the bronzers – reminds me that summer will be here in just a few months – yay!

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