fun with kindle!

As a follow up to travel treats, I want to tell you that I adore my new Kindle Touch! It really just feels like a slightly larger iPhone to me, but without the glare and apps. It is totally easy to maneuver and compact enough to hold comfortably while reading for a couple hours. It made travel a million times better and lighter for me. It is also the perfect size to throw in my bag when heading to the salon or any place waiting will be involved.

I bought myself a couple fun, girly beach reads for our trip, but when I started reading Single in the City by Michele Gorman, I couldn’t stop. It is a completely delicious read and I fell in love with all the characters. I’m about 80% through now and excited to know what happens next! If you own or plan to get a Kindle, I recommend this tasty Sophie Kinsella-esque read. I’m still exploring all the goodies within the Kindle, but I am so glad I have it. It’s was a gift for me, but is a total steal at $99.

view + buy this delish treat

a perfect travel companion

have a lovely day!

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