gold chocolate bubbly bliss

Since I will be on vacation for a few days [I will be back in town + on the blog again on Tuesday/♥!], I want to share with you three things that I am literally in love with right now:

♥ rich gold + diamond ring
♥ chocolate + bubbly tasting
♥ heart-shaped chocolate caramel mini cake

I adore February. Everything is so beautiful and tasty. Even Starbucks cups get cuter [my mocha cup above].

♥ ♥ ♥

part 1 ♥ rich gold + diamond ring

I was enamored the other night when I saw this golden, sparkly fabulousness on a friend’s hand at dinner. It was the most delicious ring and I fell in love when I tried it on. It was so delicate in weight, yet so bold and sexy in design. I could not put it down.

[in dinner candlelight; two light box shots, courtesy Vanessa]

[literally couldn’t put it down. tried it on every finger at every angle.]

Even more … she designed and produced this ring. Amazing. And she has a lovely story behind the design that is full of nostalgia and romance. And, here it is:

I worked in a jewelry store in high school and we would get random people walking in selling stuff. I had a watch that belonged to my grandmother with a rose gold case, but no band or strap. It was basically fate when an antique dealer walked in and had a rose gold watch band that fit my watch exactly. So I bought it. I was probably 16 or 17 and I think I must have paid $400 for it.

I stopped wearing the watch years ago and, in my quest to take old materials and turn them into wearable pieces, I made the watch band into this ring. I took half of the band, wrapped it like a ring and soldered it together with a bar with diamonds on it, so it’s seamless.

It’s my favorite ring because it conforms to my hand, it’s totally flat, and basically feels like I’m not wearing anything. I also love how coppery it is. It’s true European rose gold, not the pinkish rose gold you find so often today in the states. High karat yellow makes me happy. I always look out for vintage gold watch bands and other materials to make one of a kind jewelry.

Gold always feels so luxurious and organic to me. Another favorite piece that I wear a lot in the summer is a necklace I made out of several things that belonged to my father. It makes me happy to wear and create sentimental things that would otherwise sit in a box.

[and back on the gorgeous, delicate hand the ring belongs to!]

My friend-genius-fabu-designer Vanessa has recently launched an Etsy store and is available for equally delicious custom commissions. Contact her directly via email.

♥ ♥ ♥

part 2 ♥ chocolate + bubbly tasting

One of my top five favorite restaurants in DC is Co Co. Sala. Everything they do is gorgeous, delicious, perfection. Just look at these chocolates:

And this decadent trio:

They are insanely creative and the menu blows me away every time I visit. The environment is ultra posh and lux and I love it so much that I would, in fact, like to live there.

The events they hold are genius. When I saw their Valentine’s Day 2012 menu, I almost died of food lust. Drool over the menu here: cocosalavalentinesday2012.

And while I am obviously ecstatic to be in tropical weather this weekend, visiting Co Co. Sala for their Chocolate & Champagne Tasting Class this Sunday would be a close second. [Experience five different types of couverture in three different states: solid, semi-solid (ganache), and liquid. A flight of champagnes & sparkling wines which pair beautifully with the chocolate will also be offered.] So romantic. Scrumptious pairings. Buy tickets here. Their site is also full of spicy and delish seasonal gifts + chocolates here. I am seriously in love all over again.

If you do anything at all, you silly cupid, make a dinner reservation for their lovely evening menu as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

♥ ♥ ♥

part 3 ♥ heart-shaped chocolate caramel mini cake

Is it possible to be infatuated with a mini cake just from a photo? Well, I am. This treat is seriously too adorable for words and would be a super sweet gift for your Valentine.

It is an utterly precious heart-shaped chocolate caramel mini cake from Leonora Bakery and I must have it. Follow Leonora Bakery on Twitter here. This is where you will see all of the yummy baked good notices, such as “We just took out of the oven more pains au chocolat and croissants!”. Warm fresh baked pastry? Yes, please.

♥ ♥ ♥

See you back here on ♥Tuesday♥
Have an absolutely scrumptious weekend!

[Co Co. Sala photos via Facebook + Leonora Bakery photo via Twitter]

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