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On Thursday morning, I will be on a plane to Jamaica! I get so excited about trips because of the tiny things I get to pack. Tiny shampoos, lotions, and other goodies to make a home away from home. I also must say a huge thank you to our fab travel-agent-friend-genius Adriana who whipped up this trip on my last minute whim less than two weeks ago. You make planning trips so enjoyable, seamless, and one million times better than doing it online. You are amazing!

Here are 7 things, tiny and not so tiny, that I always take on trips to make my travels happy:

Heavy duty Kate Spade canvas travel tote with zipper. The perfect sturdy and stylish carry-on that holds magazines, travel itineraries, snacks, my handbag, and has small pockets for cell phone, passport and items that need to be quickly accessed. I bought this “weekend coal – copenhagen” in 2010 and it’s no longer available, but Kate Spade has many other delicious travel totes here.

Bobbi Brown Empties. These containers are perfect for eye creams, serums, make up remover, blow-dry prep creams and other special products you need in small quantities. The seals are perfectly tight and I never worry about leaks. The set even comes with a mini funnel and spatula to ensure a quick transfer of product. Order on Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Hair powder + Dry shampoo. The saviors of travel hair.

Airplanes leave kind of a stale smell on clothes and hair and I love using dry shampoo for a little refresher if we are running to dinner after we land. Oscar Blandi dry shampoo has a light citrus scent and is perfect when you don’t have an hour to wash and style your hair all over again.

Hair powder is great for re-styling hair that needs a boost of volume or styling fresh, clean hair that is in need of some structure. This Bumble + bumble hair powder comes in 4 colors [white, blondish, brown, black], making it great for root touch-ups.

These both come in travel sizes. Buy Oscar Blandi dry shampoo on Folica. And Bumble + bumble hair powder on BB.

Kiehl’s sun-free self-tanning formula. Pure magic. I don’t hold a tan well so I decided long ago to save myself the wrinkles and skin damage. I bring this on trips to add a vacation glow. I also use it throughout the summer and for special events year round. This Kiehl’s product is the best color, formula, and consistency I have found after trying loads of tanners. It has a very light scent on the skin the day after applied, but it’s definitely not an overwhelming self-tanner smell. I exfoliate before using and mix in a dab of Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion before applying. Love, love, love! Find it at Nordstrom and Kiehl’s.

Lightweight laundry bag. This bag is perfect for storing worn clothes and takes up no space when compacted. It comes in a few colors if you need many bags for a long trip. My favorite is this fun and quirky clothesline design. Find the bags at Container Store.

Kindle Touch. An early Valentine’s Day present that I haven’t tried out yet, but I am so excited about. I love bringing books on trips, but they can get heavy if you have a few. This is a fab, light solution. There is no glare and it’s perfect for reading. And, I can switch from book to book at my leisure, with no added carry-on weight. Find it on Amazon.

What makes your travel fun + fab? Do you have favorites you always take with you?


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  1. Kiehls self tanner! I use every other day all year round not to look like a corpse. Good call.
    And I have to share this site, since I love minis: If, for no other reason, their tagline makes me smile: ‘for those who travel, those who are curious, and those who can’t commit’. Thats me! (minus the travel) and its free shipping over $50, like my fave Sephora (sans the free samples)
    Have a magical trip!

  2. I love the Kiehl’s sunless tanner too! Bumble and Bumble defrizz is a must for me anywhere tropical! Have fun in Jamaica mon :)

  3. I have the cutest mini hair straightener…perfect for travel! It even has a heat resistent pouch so you can put it in your bag immediately after use.

  4. I am not going to click on that 3 oz site …dear lord…I need to make more money when I read your blogs. Its like blog.

    I had no idea Bobbie Brown made these empties. I need 3oz minis bad and dont like the plastic stuff I bought at target! It does work for shampoo/conditioner.

    Anyway, you’ll soon be on Jamaican time which means you’ll be brain dead when you return and unable to function :) ………ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN! I’ve sent several passionate emails to the hotel begging for an upgrade upon arrival if available!

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