winter blue cucumber smoothie

In my search for a little boost of winter energy and a break from the heavy comfort foods I so love during the cold months, I started my Sunday morning off with this fresh and light smoothie. The cucumber and lime juice are especially delish and add such a refreshing twist – thanks to a sassy smoothie making friend for suggesting these additions! The rest of the ingredients are those I had in my fridge, but any comparable substitutions will work for a tasty result. Definitely an energizing and fab way to start the day!

winter blue cucumber smoothie
[the goods]:
1 cup almond, rice, soy, or low-fat milk
1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen
7 ice cubes [omit if you are using frozen blueberries]
3 clementines, peeled and segmented
1/3 cup fresh pomegranate arils [use POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice if you do not like to chew seeds in your smoothies]
Fresh juice of half a lime
3/4 cup cucumber slices, skin peeled
1 tbsp chia seed

[do it up]:
Add milk, blueberries and ice in a blender and puree until ice is blended. Add the remaining ingredients and puree until all is smooth. This makes about 20-24oz of smoothie.

Tips + tricks: Freeze fresh blueberries or any chopped fruit and use as your ‘ice’ in smoothies. Frozen fruit purees more quickly than ice and it makes for a thicker smoothie.

enjoy! xo♥channing

3 thoughts on “winter blue cucumber smoothie

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  1. This looks like a great way to use up some of the clementines in my heaping package (p.s. why don’t they sell them individually??). And to your note on seeds in smoothies… I’ve become a huge fan of sending smoothies through a fine mesh strainer before consuming.

    1. Yes, I always end up eating like 10 at a time because of the big bag! Thanks for the strainer tip! I usually like mine thick and pulpy and seedy but this is a great idea for a silky smooth smoothie!

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