egg salad with dill

I became obsessed with the Starbucks egg salad sandwich last spring. I was working on a project where I rarely left my desk and was at work late hours for about six weeks straight. The Starbucks baristas saw me at least twice a day and I sampled nearly every food item in their entire selection. My favorite was always the egg salad sandwich and it still is now.

The only problem with this delicious treat is the ingredient list. It’s a huge turnoff to see preservatives and corn syrup listed. I also found that I never ate the bread, but rather ate the egg salad with a fork. The bread was always a bit dry and just got in the way of the tasty egg salad. So, I needed a way to create this goodness myself in a healthy way.

After learning that my friend Vanessa makes her own healthy egg salad, I was inspired to whip it up myself for an easy snack. I altered it to include pure olive oil instead of olive oil mayo [not a fan of mayo] but included both versions below. Also added loads of dill [true to my fave Starbucks sandwich]. Her best tip is to add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice right before eating it. It brightens it up and adds a nice tartness that replaces the need for salt.

channing’s egg salad with dill:
[the goods]
8 eggs, hard-boiled and cooled [hard-boiled egg recipe here]
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Dried dill weed
Fresh lemon slices

[do it up]
Discard 4 egg yolks. In a medium bowl, place the remaining 4 yolks, olive oil, and dill and mash with a spoon until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy. Coarsely chop the egg whites on a cutting board. Add the chopped whites to the egg yolk mixture and mix gently with a spatula. Immediately before serving, add a squeeze of fresh lemon.

vanessas’s lemony egg salad:
[the goods]
10 eggs, hard-boiled and cooled
5 tbsp olive oil mayo
Fresh lemon slices

[do it up]
Discard 5 egg yolks. Place the remaining 5 yolks in a glass bowl along with all the egg whites and chop with a knife. Add the mayo and stir well. Immediately before serving, add a squeeze of fresh lemon.


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  1. Love egg salad made at home. I use olive oil and a little soy mayo but now I have to add lemon/dill yum. I do like starbucks egg salad sandwich too for years now!

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