incredible edible snack

I love simple, easy, healthy and am always on the hunt for portable snacks. One of my all time favorite snacks anytime of day or night is hard-boiled eggs. They are so easy and full of skin/muscle/hair-enhancing protein and nutrients.

Every time I make hard boiled eggs, I use this recipe from The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook by Jillian Michaels. It delivers every time.

Hard boiled eggs are not only delish, but you can draw on them. Sharpies are probably not recommended, but they are the most fun I can have while decorating eggs outside of Easter.

the perfect incredible edible snack: hard boiled eggs
Recipe from the The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook by Jillian Michaels*
[*She recommends having the eggs at room temperature, set out for 45 minutes, but I don’t often plan for this so am including the ‘cold from the fridge’ version as the primary.]

[the goods!]
6 large, organic eggs
Pencil, optional [Sharpie, more fun]

[do it up!]
Place cold eggs in medium pot. Fill with water to an inch above the eggs. Cover and heat on a notch below high. In the meantime, prepare a bowl of ice water. Once the eggs have just come to a boil, remove from heat immediately. Let pot sit covered for 13 minutes [10 minutes if they are at room temperature] to allow the eggs to “cook”. When time is up, carefully transfer eggs to ice water bowl.

I find the eggs much easier to peel after 10 minutes in the ice water versus waiting until you are just about to enjoy. Downside of peeling all eggs immediately: You can’t decorate them with a Sharpie! Upside: You don’t have to peel them when you’re hungry [which I did this morning and I swear it took 5 minutes]! If you keep the shells on, use the pencil to mark them as hard boiled.

There is a video I have just discovered by Tim Ferriss [Author of The 4-Hour Body] called How to Peel Hard-boiled Eggs without Peeling if you are feeling adventurous along with his corresponding blog entry. Note: I have not tried this yet, but it looks great and let me know if it works!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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  1. Agreed! Hard Boiled eggs are my go to snack! There is an art to making perfect hard boiled eggs that peel easily !

  2. Hey Channing! Love your blog. btw, I seriously love the recipes on (I can send you a few links to my faves if you want), and I have the author’s book, too, which is great: “Super Natural Every Day.” Just thought I’d pass it on!

    1. hi dawn, thank you!! i love that site too and would love for you to send your fave links!! i am always looking for more ideas! thank you for reading my new little blog! :) xoxo channing

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