2012 glimmer + shine

2012 means more leisure. More small joys. More smiles. More baking. More bike-riding. More girls’ brunches. More indie movies. More fresh, local produce. More love. More hand-written notes. More glimmer + shine.

this is my official 2012 tagline. i ♥ you katespadeny.

I want to share these New Year thoughts with you today because I will be busy baking up a storm of sweet, chocolatey goodies tomorrow!

I love the fresh and crisp feel of a new year. It’s the opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

To promise yourself that you will enhance your life, but never deprive yourself of what you deserve.

To truly get excited about what you eat. E.g., today’s epicurious recipe of the day: citrus salad with mint sugar that I cannot stop thinking about:

To be organized. Having been an organized wannabe forever, my goal in 2012 is to find a place for everything. A place for everything and everything in its place. I believe this is the key to so much joy … and frees up time for more fun things like mani/pedis, a stroll in the sun, reading magazines, a loungey Sunday movie marathon, and getting eight hours of sleep at night.

To find happiness in the smallest things. Making the most fluffy and delicious frosting for mini cupcakes, learning how to make a heavenly loaf of bread, hand-writing a note to a loved one, and sharing a big smile when you walk into a room and to really mean it. And, yes, to even exercise! It’s like a happy pill to me and changes my outlook for the entire day.

What is it that you love? What do you passionately want to learn? How do you want to grow? Whatever your answer, now is the time to do it. Just. Do. It.

2012 will be the best year ever! Pop the bubbly and cheers to you!!!

Try something new. Start now! Champagne Mojito. New Year’s Eve Goodness anyone? Yes, please! For recipe, click here. Enjoy! xo

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