thank you + edible gold

As the year winds down, I want to say thank you! Thank you to the loyal few who read my blog and for the sweet, funny and entertaining comments. I truly appreciate the support.

And, of course, thank you for staying tuned during all the blog name and content changes! The final name choice of channingosity allows for content expansion beyond food and I foresee a bit of that in 2012! I am also excited about the potential for guest bloggers, as I have so many talented and creative friends!

I love feedback and would love to hear from you! Thank you, thank you for everything! ♥

I also want to take this time to share with you my latest infatuation: gold. It seems every year around the holidays that glitter, sparkles and gold take over my mind! I find myself scooping up accessories galore in this scrumptious hue. Here is list of seven golden goodies. A couple are now in my collection [got it!] and the others I am just lusting after [want!]:

[got it!] Zoya nail polish in Richelle. I absolutely love the description from their own website: A golden bronze shimmer with a bold metallic finish. With the appearance of molten metal, this shade screams luxury. Zoya has the most scrumptious colors, not to mention it is a toxin-free [no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates), camphor] and vegan-friendly formula! Total win-win!

[want!] Edible Gold Flakes 23k! These luscious flakes are the gold standard in drink-making and entertaining. According to L’Epicerie, these flakes will float to the top of liquid, versus gold dust that settles at the bottom of drinks, making you an entertainer extraordinaire!

[got it!] Buckyballs Gold Edition. I originally found these on ThinkGeek [best fun gift site ever!]. I intended to buy only one set to give away, but they were running a buy 2, get 1 free Buckyballs promotion. How could I say no? I bought the black and chrome to gift and the gold for myself. I will look fab with my new rare earth magnet golden baubles, no?

[want!] Dotted Gold Card Set. These incredibly lux cards are 100% lust worthy. Stationery is one of my favorite indulgences and I have not been able to stop thinking about these cards since I saw them on Hip Hip Gin Gin a couple weeks ago. ♥

[got it!] [want!] Chrome Snap Case in Gold + Solid Gold iPhone Case. This is much like the E! News So True? So False? You must guess which of the cases I actually got for Christmas. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Well … I am simply loving my Gold InCase Chrome Snap Case – it is shimmery and I can check my hair and teeth while out. And, I really love a little splash of gold in my handbag.

[want!] Sequined Satin Sash Dress. Gold. Sequins. Satin. Sash. Glitter. Sparkles. Shimmer. Yes please. One of my dream moments is to go grocery shopping in a piece like this.

[want!] And, the final gold nugget is the movie Young Adult. This has been on my go-to list since the moment I caught wind of this cinematic gem. It’s dark, funny and Charlize Theron’s character drives a Mini. This is the fab, twisted humor that only comes around once in a while.


13 thoughts on “thank you + edible gold

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  1. I lol’ed at the thought of you grocery shopping in that gown. Can I come, too?? I’ll wear my new gold sequined mini and 5 inch booties. And I just saw Young Adult — darker than I expected with a dash of intense awkwardness ala the Office.

  2. I am very pleased with the new name Channingosity! As I shared last week: ” your blog, at times, stresses me out” (in a good way :) Like ‘Wow, why dont I have nice coffee cups to make hot chocolate from scratch’ kinda way (LOL). The good news is it motivated me to place that on Santas List so now I can move on to the next ten things. I love that Zoya color…

  3. There’s always the old standby, Goldschlager (Gold Schnapps). The gold-flaked liqueur that tastes suspiciously like Lavoris but will have you dancing on the tabletops in no time flat!

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