ribbons, romcoms + chile chocolate clementines!

Gift-wrapping, watching When In Rome for the 30th time, double-sided tape, and making a tasty new sweet treat discovery … these are a few of my favorite things!

I love this bacon wrapping paper I found on ThinkGeek! They have the absolute best everything! I added a velvet heart for a special coronary touch.

Even more, I love wrapping presents like gigantic pieces of candy!! Tissue paper is perfect for oddly shaped packages and the printed candy cane cellophane [found at The Container Store] adds a sweet touch! This is my go-to quickie wrapping technique. It’s fun and festive, but takes only a minute to roll the goods up in tissue, then tie the edges with curling ribbon. Done and done!

Satin ribbon trees, red velvet baubles, shiny blue martini glasses! I love decorating packages with bits of goodies and textures. I used green ribbon to create an abstract tree and cut red baubles out of a piece of red velvet ribbon I’ve had forever. It’s a happy accident that the snowflakes on the silver wrapping are sparkling like freshly falling snow! Another favorite abstract on the striped package: the martini glass! – all cut out of random pieces of shiny blue wrapping paper.

My love for oversized bows will never fade! I adore this highly sculptable mesh ribbon [also found at Container Store]. With this ribbon, you can make your bows as big and dramatic as you like!

When I wrapped this tiny stocking stuffer with shiny blue wrap, it immediately reminded me of a skinny mini chocolate bar. I added a little touch of whimsy with shimmery silver letters YUM! … which also perfectly describes the chile chocolate clementines I snacked on during my wrap-fest!

Ever since I read about these ah-mazing chocolate dipped clementines this week on the presh Running to the Kitchen blog [thank you Gina and yum!!], I have not been able to stop thinking about them! I have a bounty of clementines in the kitchen and loads of chocolate from all the holiday baking, so I knew this was the perfect delish and super-quick wrap-fest treat!

I spiced up the dark chocolate before melting and omitted the sea salt sprinkling step at the end [although the sea salt is so pretty as a topping and it sparkles!].

I melted 1/3 cup dark chocolate mini chunks with a dash each of chile powder, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon in the microwave. I dipped the segmented pieces of 3 clementines into the melted chocolate, then arranged them on parchment paper on a platter. I left them in the fridge to set for about 15 minutes while I continued wrapping! These juicy sweet treats turned out perfect and what a genius combination!

I seriously cannot get enough of this movie. It’s utterly cheesy, yet I unfailingly watch it every time it comes on. How can you say no to this fluffy goodness?

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve! And Happy Night 4 of Hanukkah! Enjoy!

♥ ♥ ♥

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