cinnamon pecan pomegranate fiesta!

Happy Friday!

I love messy food as much as I love perfect pretty food. And I adore this bowl of messy delish goodness …

It has been my go-to breakfast all week since I opened up these two lovelies on Sunday …

If you are intimidated by opening a pomegranate, see these instructions. Though, I do everything in a large bowl under water, starting with step 1. These darlings explode bright red juice all over your kitchen and all over you, even with the first incision.

I have many friends who say “I don’t work that hard for my food”. So … for all you prince + princess sweeties out there, POM Wonderful sells these adorable ready-to-eat POM POMS! Available through January in the refrigerated section of the produce department.

cinnamon pecan pomegranate fiesta:
3/4 c. fresh pomegranate arils
10 raw pecans, broken
1 tbsp. agave nectar

Add pomegranate arils and pecans to small bowl. Top off with cinnamon and drizzle the agave nectar. Stir together well until arils are coated with cinnamon and nectar.

As you may know, I love pom + pecans together. If you like this idea and want something richer and creamier with more protein to start your day, check out my pom pecan yogurt parfait!



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