30 second amazing salad dressing

In the spirit of the final day of Hot Bod November 2011, I give you an uber delish, super easy and healthy salad dressing. The extra virgin olive oil gives it that rich, oily texture that grabs every piece of lettuce and truly satisfies the taste buds – not to mention all its fab health benefits. The vitamin-c filled fresh lemon juice tarts it up and adds a fresh flare to whatever salad or dish you’re eating. Add some freshly ground black pepper and you’re good to go.

You can also very easily order this at a restaurant. The idea of not knowing what is in my salad dressing horrifies me and the low fat versions restaurants offer are usually full of sugar and other mystery additives. Just ask for extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon wedges which every restaurant in the world should have on hand. Voilà. Done!

On this particular day, I chose to experiment with an oregano infused olive oil, but a nice, classic extra virgin olive oil is always perfect!

[the goods!]

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 – 3 lemon wedges, depending on their size and how much tart you like
freshly ground black pepper

You can either whisk ingredients together in a small container first or just drizzle the olive oil and squeeze the lemons right onto the salad – the most direct route! Enjoy!

This is my renovated Cosi Signature Salad glistening with my 30 second amazing salad dressing!

Happy Wednesday!

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