thanksgiving feast

On Thanksgiving, I can usually live without the turkey. It’s really the sides that I live for. Today’s feast was a huge exception. The texture of the turkey was the most tender and delicious I have ever tasted and the sides were perfectly seasoned.

I jump-started my appetite this morning with a piping hot slice of pumpkin pie smothered in whipped cream. It totally did the trick.

Since the fam is so small, our tradition is always to go out to eat. And it is truly such a treat to be served such an extensive menu with no dirty dish aftermath. We chose the cozy little Battletown Inn in Berryville, Virginia, for this year’s feast. It was also a perfectly sunny and 60 degree day.

There was a lovely table of meats and cheese in the sitting room [not pictured] and cheese is definitely one of the best ways for me to start a meal. The only thing missing was a nice glass of Malbec in my hand and a waiter brought one out within minutes.

After we were seated, we started with a choice of soups: roasted butternut squash with fine herb velouté and pumpkin seed oil or wild mushroom consommé with leeks, enoki and scallions. The roasted butternut squash soup was perfectly rich, creamy and savory.

A plate of molasses herb brined whole roasted turkey + natural roasting pan gravy was then brought out for each person at the table. DB [dinnering beau] ordered the naturally cured lightly smoked pit ham + citrus bourbon brown sugar glaze. He then wished for the tender turkey the rest of the table ordered after tasting just one bite of mine.

I clearly had zero patience to document only the plated turkey as it was served in this photo. I immediately piled on every side they brought out and started inhaling everything on the plate. It was amazing.

The sides were served family style and we had two platters of these lovelies on each side of the table. They served braised Brussels sprouts with crisp pancetta, honey laced yams, bread pudding, brown sugar glazed carrots, butter rich russet mashed potatoes, and house made cranberry sauce. I am drooling and I am stuffed right now.

As I was ready to curl up on the floor of the dining room by the warm fire, we had yet one final deliciousness awaiting us: the roasted pumpkin mousse topped with pumpkin seed brittle and hand-whipped cardamom cream. OMG. I could have died.

I hope you and yours had a absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving! Would love to hear about it!!


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