happy november + pomegranate love + hot bod breakfast

Happy November!

Tis the season to prep your bod for mucho travel, eating, parties, shopping, and activities galore. You might have already made your complete holiday plans or maybe you’re just starting to think about what you’re eating for lunch today. In any case, you know the chaos is lurking just around the corner. Chaos and stress can make you chubby. We don’t want that.

The time to start eating healthfully and working it at the gym [if you aren’t already and I know I totally have not been] is not in January when all of the fun is over and you are wrapped up in 4 layers of wool. The time is now … when you will be photographed at least 500 times in the next two months.

I am officially designating this month Hot Bod November. I will do all I possibly can to sprinkle in Hot Bod Worthy posts throughout the month, including recipes, beauty products, DIY, and tips/tricks to keep you happy, healthy and mentally & physically prepped for the holiday goodness to come.

Tip #1 is Love for Pomegranates! I’m so excited to have just purchased my first pomegranates of the season. They are one of my absolute favorite foods, packed with antioxidants and other hot bod qualities + are unbelievably juicy and delish! You can also add them to virtually anything: yogurt, meat, salads, pastries and cocktails. Not to mention, the seeds are ruby red gorgeous and look like precious gems.

Hot Bod Breakfast: Pomegranate Pecan Yogurt
This is a powerhouse breakfast full of goodness. Delish non-fat protein in greek yogurt paired with vitamin packed pomegranate seeds and pecans plus a metabolism boosting cayenne burst is a fab way to start the day.

6 oz. Fage Total 0% Greek yogurt
1 tbsp. agave nectar
Dash of cayenne pepper
1/2 c. pomegranate arils [seeds] [in two sets of 1/4 c. each]
8 to 12 raw pecans, chopped or broken by hand [divided in half]

In a small bowl or the original Greek yogurt container, mix in the agave nectar and cayenne pepper and combine very well with all of the yogurt [plain Greek yogurt is super tart and inedible without sweetener, in my opinion].

Use a parfait glass or small bowl. Layer half of each of the ingredients in the parfait container starting with 3 oz. greek yogurt, then with 1/4 c. pomegranate seeds, and the chopped pecans. Repeat and enjoy!

Cheers to a tasty month of hot bod goodness!

Check out this scrumptious article on the health benefits of pomegranate seeds. Until tomorrow! xo

© 2011 grande visione

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