skinny + rich delicata squash bisque

These two lovely delicata squash inspired me to make something rich and delicious. They ultimately produced the best bisque I have ever had in my life. Seriously.

The simplicity of this Delicata Squash Bisque recipe won me over. While I will most likely never be vegan, I love the challenge of vegan cooking and baking. I was especially intrigued by the addition of cashew cream to add that extra bisquey goodness. Because this contains no heavy dairy cream, you can even call it skinny, which I can totally get behind.

The squash roasted perfectly and filled the kitchen with the most sweet, rich and fragrant aroma. Since these were smaller squash, the roasting time was only a total of 30 minutes – 20 one one side, then 10 on the other side [shown here]. I rubbed all of the flesh with olive oil and added a bit to the baking sheet to make sure they stayed tender while roasting.

I was infatuated with the creamy consistency and nutty flavor of the cashew cream. It looked like custard. Note: I soaked the cashews for about 20 minutes in the cup of veggie broth to soften them up before going in the blender. This is the beautiful, creamy result after about 2 minutes of pureeing.

Best bisque ever. It was truly impressive even before the addition of the cashew cream to the pot. The only other change I made to this recipe was that I used Pacifica organic veggie broth.

This recipe is absolute perfection and ideal for welcoming the cool crisp weather!

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  1. Looks Amazing! I wili use Pacific Organic Broth Low Sodium which allows me to modify to a low sodium version. Thanks for posting. Yum.

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